Dental laser Cheese

Dental laser Cheese

Dental laser Cheese

CHEESE dental laser is a modern device of small size and optimal power. Cheese Dental lasers are designed for dentistry, but thanks to the availability of a wide range of accessories are used in many areas of medicine.

Why lasers?
CHEESE laser treatments can take up to 50% less time as compared to the treatments performed by conventional methods (depending on the application of laser). For example, root canal can be performed using laser technology in only one visit. In the “saved” time, you can take consecutive patients, which directly translates into financial stability.
The use of diode lasers is associated with greater safety for both doctors and patients. Laser procedure means less risk of complications, shorter wound healing time and painless treatments. Increased patient satisfaction with surgery translates to a good opinion of the facility, which pays off in the future. CHEESE is an excellent choice for dentists who want to increase the cost-effectiveness of treatments.

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Why choose diode lasers Cheese?

  • 10 modes
  • two wavelengths of 980nm or 810nm
  • laser power of 2.5 W or 4W or 7W or 10W
  • small size and weight <1.8 kg, laser takes very little space in the office
  • intuitive interface, color touch screen
  • battery power
  • wide range of accessories
  • competitive price
  • inexpensive to operate

Buying a Cheese laser is an investment in the smooth functioning of your medical institution. One of the key parts of the lasers are German-produced laser diodes.


  • Wavelength: 810nm / 980nm
  • Modes CW, single pulse, pulse mode
  • Pulse length 1 ms – 1s
  • Frequency of 0.5 Hz – 0.5 kHz
  • Optic fibers: 200um, 400um, 600um – SMA905 connector
  • Pilot: 635nm – red, power <5W
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 120mm x 155mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg


More information about our products available here.

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