Portable suction units DF-760 series – 35 l/min

Suction unit DF 760

Suction unit DF 760

Medical suction unit DF-760 is portable and small in size with a flow up to 35l/min. This medical suction units are intended for use in private medical practice. The DF – 760 has a quiet, integrated with the electric motor, oil-free vacuum pump. This allows it for quiet work and not emitting noxious oil fumes. The use of aluminum in the pomp construction makes the suction unit very light, very durable and high performance.
The suction unit’s housing is made of ABS plastic giving it an elegant look, and also, making it easy to maintain. The included bottle is made of a special material resistant to high temperature, high pressure, impact and is intended to be sterilized in autoclaves.

Download DF-760 i DF-760A information brochure.

DF -760 suction unit has a portable and transportable versions, portable versions include:

  • DF-760 – flow up to 35 l/min, bottle volume 1×1l, weight 6,3kg
  • DF-760A – flow up to 35 l/min, bottle volume 2×1l, weight 8,4kg


  • Power: 90W
  • Maximum flow: 35 l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 0 ~ 70 cm/Hg / 93,3 kPa
  • Noise level: <45 dB


  • Bottle overflow safety
  • Set of drains
  • Antibacterial filters of a closed type – 3 units (additional filters on request)

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Portable suction units

Portable suction units

Transportable suction units

Transportable suction units

Medical suction unit's filters

Medical suction unit’s filters

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