Colposcope AC-1 series

Colposcope AC-1

Colposcope AC-1

Colposcopes AC-1 series are equipped with a flat base with two wheels allowing easy movement of the microscope. Electronic brightness adjustment is provided via a potentiometer and light bulbs replacement is very easy. There are two levers for manual focus adjustment: coarse focus and fine focus.

 Available models:

  • AC-1100 – halogen light-source (6V / 20W), one magnification of 9x
  • AC-1100 – LED light-source (5,9V / 5W), one magnification 9x
  • AC-1300 – halogen light-source (6V / 20W), three magnifications levels of 3.7x, 7x, 15x
  • AC-1310 – LED light-source (5,9V / 5W), three magnifications levels: 3.7x, 7x, 15x
  • AC-1320 – LED lightsource (5,9V / 5W), three magnifications levels: 3.7x, 7x, 15x; binocular on 45° angle

Download colposcope AC-1 catalog.

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