Surgical microscope Evolution Zoom

Surgical microscope Evolution Zoom ALLTION

Double halogen lighting with a power of 150W guaranties uninterrupted work even if one light stops working – all it takes is to remove the fiber from one input port and put it in to another. Coaxial illumination is achieved by a 7mm diameter fiber. You can adjust the brightness using knob that is located on the light-source panel, which is always within the operator’s reach.

Microscope arm has a maximum reach of 1120mm and is equipped with friction brakes (adjustable by knobs). Microscope’s head can be adjusted front-back and right-left. It’s also equipped with a apochromatic optics. This microscope provides the option do attach a DLSR camera; light source is equipped with power input for the camera. It also provides an adjustable vision defect correction + / – 5 diopters, so you don’t have to use your regular glasses.

Evolution Zoom offers continuous magnification in the range of 3x-20x adjustable using buttons on the microscope’s head or via a footswitch.

This microscope can be used in various types of surgeries in ENT, arthroscopy, neurology, plastic surgery and ophthalmology. Ideal for surgical centers. It’s equipped with a base floor with 4 wheels (2 lockable, optionally 4), guaranteeing stability and the ability to easily move the microscope.


  • Head adjustment – 0-180º
  • Lens – ƒ:200-400mm
  • Zoom 3x-20x continuous with 250mm lens
  • Turn rage of the pantomographic arm – 340º
  • XY positioning mechanism (optional)
  • LED control panel display
  • Apochromatic optics
  • Xenon (optional)



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