Transportable medical suction units

Transportable medical units

Transportable medical units

We offer modern transportable medical suction units with a flow of 35 l/min to 112 l/min (operating suction units, suction units for liposuction). All the units have a comfortable, large wheels with locks / brakes. The devices are quiet and reliable. They can work in a continuous mode. They also have reusable bottles with the possibility of sterilization in the temperatures up to 134°C. Disposable inserts can also be used. Thanks to the unit’s modern plastic housing it is very easy to clean the device and provides an aesthetically pleasing look.


In particular we recommend:

  • DF 760 suction unit – flow up to 35 l/min, 1×3l or 2×3l bottle
  • YDX-100M-35A suction unit – flow up to 35 l/min, 2×2l or 2×3l bottle, footswitch
  • DF 506 suction unit – flow up to 45 l/min, 1×3l or 2×3l bottle, footswitch
  • DF 350 operating suction unit – flow up to 80 l/min, 2×3l bottle, footswitch
  • DF 650 operating suction unit– flow up to 80 l/min, 2×3l bottle, footswitch
  • DF-650B suction unit for liposuction– flow up to 112 l/min, 2×3l bottle
  • DF 500 gastrology and thoracic surgery suction unit with microprocessor control, 2×2l bottle


More information about our products available here.

If you’d like more information or have any questions please feel free contact us using this e-mail address: or by calling +48-74-84-38-109 (Monday – Friday, from 8:00 till 16:00 GMT+1).

Feel free to download product catalogs:

DF 650B

DF 650B 112l/min


YDX-100M-35A 35l/min

DF 760

DF 760 35l/min


DF-506 45lmin


DF-650 80l/min


DF-350 80l/min

DF 500

DF 500 microprocessor controlled

Portable suction units

Portable suction units

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