Diode surgical laser

Surgical diode laser

Surgical diode laser

Velas is a surgical diode laser (GaAIAs) with maximal output power of 60W. There are also models with maximal output power of 15W or 30W. Depending on the model there are three wavelength available: 810nm, or 980nm, or 1470nm. Pulse frequency can be set between 0,5Hz and 10kHz.

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VELAS laser is intended for the use in multiple medical fields, in particular: phlebology – EVLT varicose veins treatment, urology, gynecology, general surgery, ENT, neurosurgery, proctology, oncology and cosmetic medicine (laser lipolysis).

VELAS laser offers a width spectrum of accessories (fibers, handles, protection goggles, etc.). Thanks to the versatility of this laser it is possible to use one laser in a clinic by many doctors, possibly each with a different specialization.

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