Transportable suction unit DF-650B for liposuction

DF 650B


Suction unit DF-650B has been designed specifically for plastic surgery, especially for liposuction. DF-650B most characteristic feature is it’s very high flow, up to 112 l/min.

The unit comes with two reusable bottles, each with a volume of 3000ml. Bottles are designed for sterilization. After filling the first bottle the device automatically switches to the other one.

DF-650B has safeguards to protect the vacuum pump from being flooded. An additional protection is a small tank with an anti-overflow valve.

The device is very easy to move thanks to the 4 wheels with a turn radius of 360°. Each of the wheels has a brake.

The suction unit has a large gauge which allows the user to easily read the values. ABS plastic is used for the housing of DF-650B making it very easy to clean and gives it a slightly shiny appearance.

Download DF- 650B catalog.


  • Power: 250W
  • Maximum flow: > 112 l / min
  • Maximum pressure: >720 mmHg (95kPa)
  • Continues negative pressure control: 0-720 mmHg
  • Wheels: 4 with breaks
  • Dimensions: 450×400×960
  • Weight: 32 kg

Standard accessories:

  • 2x Suction tube (S) 180 cm
  • 1x Suction tube (L) 180 cm
  • 1x Suction Catheter
  • 1x Footswitch
  • 2x Filter (L)
  • Bottles: 2×3 l (2×2 l – optional)


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Portable suction units

Portable suction units

Transportable suction units

Transportable suction units

Medical suction unit's filters

Medical suction unit’s filters

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